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We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge Private Personal Training programs that get results!

What Is Personal Training?

Personal Training Is Just That – Personal.

No two people should have the same program. We’ll create a customized fitness and nutrition plan that you can stick with and can be changed as you progress and begin to see results. No matter how often you choose to meet with your Personal Trainer, whether its five times a week or once every eight weeks, your plan will fit your fitness level, lifestyle and budget.

Our focus is on cardio-conditioning, muscle-conditioning, flexibility, nutrition – or a combination of all of these – depending on your goals, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. We tailor your workouts so they can take place in our studio, outdoors, at your home or even at another gym. Your trainer will provide a plan that combines safety, variety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Seven out of ten people who start an exercise program, quit within two to three months. This high drop-out rate is often because the individual has not spent time establishing the right program for them based on their history, goals, individual needs, and lifestyle. During your first session, your trainer will help you determine which type of program is going to help you stay motivated so you progress, experience results and succeed. We strive to make our clients’ sessions as individualized as possible, effective and lots of fun!

Over the years, we worked with everyone from beginners and people experiencing back, neck, knee and shoulder problems to mountain climbers and professional and wheelchair athletes. Regardless of your needs, we can help you achieve a higher level of health and fitness. We are ready to help YOU on your journey.

We offer a complimentary initial Personal Training Work-Out – Call Today!

When you come in for your initial personal training workout, together we’ll create a personal plan that will meet your fitness goals.

We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge Private Personal Training programs that get results!