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Ages 7-17 yrs | Male & Female

Antidote Fit Kids Camp is designed to empower kids to understand and implement the important factors of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, proper nutrition and efficient rest will be the focus of these sessions.

The group setting will provide an environment where participants are able to interrelate to the challenges, triumphs, and accountability it takes to successfully complete the 6-week session.

Having fun while learning how to work hard will be the foundation of these sessions.


Ages 10-17 yrs | Male & Female

Antidote Novice Athlete Camp is designed for the athlete who is looking to become an overall better athlete while separating the competitive aspect of training from his or her routine.

Everyone has a different idea of athletics and competition. This camp is for those who do not find intense competitive group training ideal, but rather enjoy the group setting during training while looking for a fun yet challenging camp to release the inner athlete.

Speed, agility, and flexibility are of major emphasis during the 6 week period, along with having fun and enjoying the experience.


Ages 7-17 yrs | Boys & Girls

Antidote Advanced Athlete Camp is designed to take the competitive athlete to the next level. Speed, agility, body control, and muscle flexibility are just some of the skill sets that will be emphasized in these camp sessions.

This camp allows kids of similar ages and skill sets to compare and challenge each other to improve physically and mentally against oneself, along with those around them.

This camp is for the competitive athlete who can sustain the physical intensity and enjoy the learning experience provided.

All camper profiles will include pre and post-fitness level data including:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Body Measurements
  • Overall Fitness Test Results

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